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Boy Approaches Police Officer on the Street and Asks Her to Pray with Him


Boy Approaches Police Officer on the Street and Asks Her to Pray with Him

At the point when an Atlanta cop approached her obligations like each and every other day, she had no clue about the thing was sitting tight for her in the city. When she contacted her obligation area, she encountered something surprising that had never happened to her.

What’s the most interesting thing that has at any point happened to you? Life has its approaches to astonishing us. While certain individuals find joy or distress in such unforeseen encounters, others simply feel stunned and don’t have any idea what to think about it.

The police officer in today’s story was patrolling the streets when she noticed something unusual. Before she knew it, people around her had started filming because what was happening wasn’t something they witnessed every day.


Back in 2017, officer Danielle Ognelodh was patrolling the streets of Atlanta, Georgia, when she witnessed something strange. She arrived at her duty location on time like every other day and was ready to deal with troublemakers and help citizens in need.

That day, a young boy approached her. When she went towards him and asked what had happened, he told her something unexpected. Instead of informing her about a crime or asking for help, he asked her for prayer.

Officer Ognelodh didn’t think twice before helping the kid. Meanwhile, bystanders pulled out their mobile phones and started filming her and the young boy.


In the video clip, Ognelodh can be seen standing in front of the kid while holding his face. The boy looks down and stands still, placing both hands on his belly. The boy’s friends stand beside him while Ognelodh prays for him.

A few seconds later, Ognelodh slides her hands and rests them on the boy’s shoulder while praying. Her words aren’t audible, but the heartwarming video shows how sincerely she prayed for him. In an interview with WSB-TV, the officer revealed:

“We went outside, and one of the kids asked for prayer. I sat there with the kids, and we all prayed. They told me some things in their life that they were going through, and that’s how the video happened.”

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