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Four sisters in their 90s care for their elderly sister giving her a ‘reason to be alive’


Four sisters in their 90s care for their elderly sister giving her a ‘reason to be alive’

There are two sayings that remain true and will remain true throughout time. ‘Family is forever’ and ‘You can’t choose your family.’

While some of us weren’t blessed with the siblings or family we want, that is certainly not the case for this 97-year-old woman. She was given a week to live and when the news reached her sisters, also in their 90s, they didn’t hesitate to hop on a plane to be by her side and to remind her just how loved and adored she truly is.

It’s honestly amazing what love and attention can do for the soul because she is still alive and kicking. Many elderly people wish to remain in their homes in their last months and so few are granted that wish, however, her wish was granted. She has been allowed to stay in her home until the very end and when she does eventually pass, she will be able to go on her next journey surrounded by the ones she loves.

A bond like no other
Nicole Hauff, the granddaughter of the 96-year-old, shared the experience of witnessing her grandmother and her sister’s special bond with the world on Love What Matters, hoping it would inspire others.

“When my grandma and her sisters walked into a room, they caught people’s attention. Five women in their nineties, cute as can be with a love that cannot be denied,” Nicole says. “These sisters are in the longest relationship of their lives, longer than their time with their parents and longer than their time married to their spouses.”

Nicole went on to say that the love her grandma and her sisters share inspire her commitment to her own four sisters. “My grandma and her sisters have influenced my sisters and I to love unconditionally. We call them the ‘Grandmas’ and they continue to teach us how to love well,” she said.

Sisters have a unique bond
“Sisters share more things with each other than anyone else; we share parents, bedrooms, friends, secrets, and family genes. Sisters have a special bond and the gift you receive being and having a sister lasts a lifetime.”

Since witnessing the love shared between her grandma and her sisters Nicole has made a special commitment of he own to her sisters inspired by the ‘Grandmas’ love, care, and commitment they have for each other. She went on to add, “When my sisters are old, I will brush their hair and make sure they look pretty, until the very end.

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