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“I Want to Live to Be 105 to See Him Graduate,” the Story of the Doctor Who Became a Father at 83

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“I Want to Live to Be 105 to See Him Graduate,” the Story of the Doctor Who Became a Father at 83

Alberto Cormillot fathered his third son at age 83. Despite the happiness of the occasion, he’s fully aware that he won’t live long enough to watch his son grow up, although he hopes to live to 105 to see him graduate. For now, the nutrition expert and resident of Argentina is enjoying every moment with his new son, Emilio, as he does everything he could think of to set up his future.

Making Every Moment Last
Cormillot’s wife, Estefania Pasquini, 35, became pregnant with Emilio after fertility treatment. The couple had known each other since 2012 and dated for a year before they secretly got married. The age difference didn’t bother them.

Despite his age, Cormillot stays in good shape and does everything to actively raise his son. “I’m aware that life is not infinite. That little guy’s here and I’m going to accompany him until a certain moment,” he said. “Until that happens I plan to enjoy every day to the fullest and make plans that are more short-term, which means I enjoy every day as fully as I can.” [1]

Cormillot already has two children, Renee and Adrian, both adults. They gave him three granddaughters. Their mother, Cormillot’s first wife, Monika Arborgast died in 2017. Cormillot had been diagnosed twice with cancer and beat it both times.

During his career, he has written over a hundred scientific papers published in journals and presented during conferences. He has also authored over 50 books, mostly on the topic of health education. He has leaned on this information when deciding on how to raise his new son. For instance, he and Pasquini, a nutritionist, plan to not feed him salt or sugar during his first two years of life.

A true connection
Her grandma’s spouse died 20 years ago and Nicole firmly believes that the “affection of her sisters gave her a reason to be alive and active.” She then added: “When you feel loved and wanted, you have a reason to live. These sweet sisters are the best companions; they often went to the gym together, to church, and to the store. A daily phone call and an outing to the local Mexican Restaurant keep them connected.”

Love truly can heal anything, including the will to live. So, remember to love thy brother, sister, father, and mother. Your love might just be the thing that keeps them motivated to carry on.

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