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iOS 16.5 Beta 1: What Might Be Coming to Your iPhone Soon


iOS 16.5 Beta 1: What Might Be Coming to Your iPhone Soon

Less than a week after Apple released iOS 16.4 to the public, the company has rolled out the first beta version of iOS 16.5. Bug fixes, security updates and new features, like new emoji and Voice Isolation in calls, were released with iOS 16.4. The first iOS 16.5 beta, which came out Thursday, has some patches and a few features as well.

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New iOS features can be fun, but we recommend downloading a beta only on something other than your primary phone, just in case the new software causes issues. Apple also provides beta testers with an app called Feedback, which they can use to notify the company about any issues in the new software. That way, problems can be addressed before general release.

Here are the new features beta testers can try now with iOS 16.5 beta 1.

Apple News gets a Sports tab
The Apple News app launched in 2015, and the first iOS 16.5 beta brings a Sports tab to the app for the first time. The tab can be found in the toolbar across the bottom of your screen when you open the app. Before, the toolbar displayed tabs for Today, News Plus, Audio, Following and Search. The iOS 16.5 beta 1 gets rid of the Search tab to make room for the Sports tab.

Ask Siri to start a screen recording
With iOS 16.5 beta 1, you can ask Siri to start a screen recording for you. Prior to this beta, you had to go to add the screen recording tool to your Control Center, then turn on the tool manually. Now you can ask Siri. This could save you time, since you won’t have to edit out the beginning and end of your videos where you turn the recording on and off.

There’s no word on when iOS 16.5 will be released to the general public. There’s also no guarantee these beta features will be released with iOS 16.5, or that these will be the only features to come out with the update.

For more, check out what’s new on your iPhone with iOS 16.4 and how to become an Apple beta tester so you can try out new iOS features before others.

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